Having a book full of memories you’re able to look back on for decades to come is a special thing. But owning a yearbook is only a part of it. Yearbook Signing Day is also a massive part of what the full yearbook experience is all about. It’s hands-down one of the most important, fun days of the school year — a time when you collect signatures, write down memories and spend time with your friends. And it’s the last time you’ll be together with your class before heading into summer break.

Signing Day can also come with some pressure: What do I write? Do I sign my full name? Do I write in someone’s book I don’t really know well? Can I write a memory I have with that person? If you’re having any of these thoughts, we’re here to help!

Sayings and ideas you can use when signing a yearbook

  • Have a great summer! (Or H.A.G.S.)
  • Safe travels on your vacations this summer!
  • Thanks for a great year!
  • Congrats on finishing another year!
  • You make my life fun!
  • I can’t wait to make more memories this summer!
  • Couldn’t have made it through *insert subject* without you!
  • Don’t ever change!
  • Hope to see you around this summer!
  • Remember me when you’re rich, famous, etc.
  • Text me at (xxx)-xxx-xxxx.


Other ideas

  • Write about a memorable moment you shared together.
  • Jot down an inside joke you have together.
  • Share an impactful quote.
  • Doodle or draw a picture.

When at a loss, you can always simply sign your name — and have fun collecting signatures and signing the books of fellow students.