Your college graduation is a big moment. From caps and gowns to fine-quality academic regalia, we have everything you need to look your best for the big day.

Fine-Quality Academic Regalia

As a professional educator, we have many options for you to represent your legacy with fine-quality packages including your gown, tam and hood.

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Learn More About College Graduation Gowns

A graduation gown is one of the most prominent symbols of academic life and success. The image of a person donning their cap and gown while accepting a diploma for their academic achievement is ingrained in our minds on a cultural level, with most people remembering their graduation as a key milestone in their lives.

And there's a reason why the graduation cap and gown have maintained their place as pillars of the commencement ceremony throughout centuries. The ritualistic rite of wearing graduation gowns dates back to the 12th century, when clerical clothing was a big part of education due to the church's prominence. 

Today, this long history of passing down knowledge has evolved into various traditions across the world. However, all of them share the key principles rooted in wearing the graduation gown that has become a timeless symbol of academic life that will likely endure for many centuries ahead.

And for many people, the historical ties of the graduation hat and gown are just part of the appeal. Even more important is the ability to feel united with fellow students who all worked towards the same academic goals and overcame obstacles together.

After all that hard work and effort put into achieving the degree, a formal celebration in a ceremonial graduation gown seems like a fitting way to commemorate the special occasion and create lasting memories that you can look back on for many years to come.

In most cases, it's also a mandatory requirement for students who want to participate in the commencement ceremony. In fact, you need to know exactly what type of black cap and gown you should wear. At Jostens, you can select the school that you want to shop for and find a selection of items such as the classic black cap and gown for 2022. 


Types of Graduation Gowns

When choosing the right university cap and gown, it's essential to understand the main principles and how they differ so that you can make the correct choice for your needs.

In most cases, the type of graduation gown you will need to wear will depend on:

1. The institution you are graduating from.

2. The type of degree you are receiving.

3. The program you are graduating in.

Let’s break this down even further: 

Bachelor's Degree. In most colleges, the bachelor's degree graduation gown will be either black or blue, although you should always check your school guidelines before you buy a graduation gown for your ceremony. Usually, bachelor's degree gowns don't have hoods or collars, but they can be adorned with honor cords or stoles in certain situations of academic excellence.

Master's Degree. When it comes to the master's cap and gown, the possibilities become a bit more extensive, as there are more possible options of attire that you might have to wear. For instance, many master's ceremonies require graduates to wear a graduation gown with a hood, and the design of the sleeves can differ as well. In most cases, the master's gown will be in a different color than the bachelor's gown.

Doctoral Degree. Finally, the doctoral degree is probably the most elaborate and complex graduation gown out there. It's usually designed with velvet panels that go down the front of the gown, and the sleeves are also more decorated and distinctive from others. In many cases, you will also find pocket slits for your hands, which is distinct from other types of gowns on this list. Since the doctoral attire is more complex, make sure to do your research in your institution before you look for a cap and gown for sale.